Educational Professional Development Services

Tracy Antonioli is a professional development specialist.  She travels the country working with districts to provide quality, hands-on, training in classroom technology, media integration, and literacy across the content areas.  It is her goal that every participant leaves with something that is immediately actionable; an ideal day ends with a teacher exclaiming ‘I can use this TOMORROW!’

The shifts that are happening in education right now can be challenging.  With limited time and increased demands to meet Common Core Standards — and prepare for standards-based tests — teachers can easily become overwhelmed.  Tracy strives to provide PD that does not add one more thing to an overly-full plate.  Instead, she aims to provide training which gives teachers the tools they need to meet these challenges head-on, in a way that meets the needs of districts, teachers, and students alike.


Tracy also provides coaching services to teachers all across the country. She works with teachers to improve instruction, integrate technology, and make the shift to the common core. Tracy believes that there are four main qualities of effective teacher/coach relationships. Click on the image below to view Tracy’s Four Pillars of Coaching infographic or read on to learn about her method of cultivating effective teacher/coach relationships.


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While a coach may be an expert in any number of things—technology integration, pedagogy, standards implementation—it is important to remember that the teacher is the expert in her own classroom. She is the expert in her district, her building, and most importantly, her students. Above all else, as a coach, I strive to respect each teacher’s expertise and work with them to create and achieve goals they themselves have set.


The job of a coach is to bring ideas and help implement them. As a coach, I bring a significant amount of knowledge to the table. However, I am not an self-made expert. I arrive armed with the shared knowledge and experience of the scores of other teachers I work with across the country. A coach is not an all-knowing master. A coach is a bee, going from flower to flower, cross-pollinating ideas and strategies.


Teachers are busy. This is an understatement. Thus, for a teacher to take the time to work with a coach, that teacher must be able to trust that the coach will be there for them when they are needed. A productive coach is present and available for their teachers’ needs at all times; in person as well as via email, text, phone, and Skype. Because a teacher’s job never ends, so should the coach be available at any time.


Coaching—and education—takes place in the real world. A quality coach is aware of this, and takes real-world situations into consideration. Just as teachers work with students of all ability levels and all backgrounds; just as teachers meet their students on the level they are on, so too must coaches. I work with teachers to get them from wherever they are to wherever they want to be, with an understanding of all of the factors that may be affecting instruction.

If you’d like to speak with Tracy about arranging professional development in your own school or district, please contact her at or call or text 610.960.6329.


In each and every training, Tracy works to meet the needs of both project managers and participants.  Thus, feedback is very important to her - both from those she works for and those she works with.  

Tracy was extremely helpful.  She provided practical strategies that I could bring into my classroom tomorrow.  -Robin Houlahan, School Without Walls, DC Public Schools

Tracy is a highly engaging and knowledgeable trainer who made all the teachers feel successful no matter what their expertise level with the tool. -M. Wavering, Instructional Technology Coordinator, Upland Unified School District, Upland California

I was extremely surprised at how much I got out of this PD. There is not usually PD that I can utilize, but this was fabulous.  I can now access and navigate the text that my students use. – Middle School Science Teacher, Grand Rapids Public Schools

Thank you so much for your patience and wealth of knowledge as an EDUCATOR!  It is evident that you were a successful classroom teacher.  You really seem to understand the intricacies of a junior high classroom!  - Middle School History Teacher, Pioneer Jr. High, Upland, California

The training was well-presented with enough hands-on, kinesthetic, and sharing activites to aid the flow of the training.  –Elementary Teacher, Edinburg Public School District, Edinburg, Texas

If you have anything to share with regards to Tracy Antonioli’s professional development delivery, please email her at  Thank you.