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          ¡°Being famous and strong in china means Qiang; Keeping the whole world in view means Guang; Putting all to rout means Jian.¡± That was a famous saying by Li Shimin-the outstanding emperor in Tang Dynasty in which the empire was strong and prosperous. We are named after Qiangguangjian because it is symbol of prosper. Nowadays, ¡°Qiangguangjian¡± has become spirit of enterprise to create fine-quality products and enterprise culture. ¡°Qiangguangjian¡± originated from Yongkang-The famous hardware capital in china, where Huang Di cast the pot, people cast swords in Spring and Autumn Period and People made crossbows in Han Dynasty. Qiang means strength. Guang means magnanimous. Sword means vigor. We, Qiangguangjian Company, have become a professional manufacturer and facilitator of aluminum alloy cast products, and try hard to be a pioneer stepping towards the world by the way of innovating through Science & Technology, developing through innovation, then boosting the strength through development.




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