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Would you like to view examples of recent (2020) e-Learning courses I’ve created? Great! Please email me to request access, as they are proprietary and thus password-protected.

Need to see an example of my work right now? Please see below. However, please note: all e-Learning examples included below were created as coursework during the completion of the Instructional Design and e-Learning Certificate Program through The University of Washington (Seattle).

A simple branching scenario created on Twinery

Storyboard for a Module on How to Use Slack (made in PPT)

A critical look at an e-Learning module

A critical look at a learning game (my own digital breakout)

Other content created which is sadly no longer accessible due to expired trial accounts and course WordPress sites. Links take you to a description of the project created. I deeply regret not taking screen shots of everything before the free trials ran out. Thank you for understanding!

-Assessment built in LearnDash

-Assessment built in Articulate Rise

On Authoring Platforms:

A challenge for any e-Learning designer is access to an authoring platform; if one does not work for an organization which has a license for a specific platform, access can be cost-prohibitive. Further, each organization utilizes different authoring platforms based upon their specific needs and budget.

Thus, I maintain that my strongest professional attribute is the ability to learn and adapt quickly. I can and will build quality virtual learning in the platform of your choosing. I will do this efficiently and professionally.

If you are representing an organization considering me for an ID or e-Learning contract role and would like a specific example of a module built in a specific authoring platform, please ask and I will create that example ideally utilizing a free trial of the platform of your choice. Thank you for reaching out!