I create custom professional development content which is engaging and informative. Options for custom PD content include but are not limited to:

Custom Decks

What’s a deck, you ask? A deck is a presentation–typically a powerpoint presentation–which can be delivered to large or small  groups of participants in real life. And my presentations are never, never boring. Your facilitator will be just that– a facilitator,  not a sage on a stage–and participants will be actively engaged in their own learning. All custom decks will be accompanied by a facilitator guide to enable anyone from your organization to deliver the course. I am  also available for in-person PD delivery.


 Don’t have the time or money to bring everyone together for a learning experience? No problem. I can design or deliver virtual  training to your participants anywhere in the world. I can also create a train the trainer session which will allow you to run your  own webinar or web meeting.

Blended Learning Options

The best PD is ongoing PD. And the best way to do that is to combine in-person training with webinars or recorded sessions to  continue to support learning and growth. By combining a custom deck (or three) with several webinars or recorded videos, you  can be sure your professional development will ‘stick’.

Curriculum Guides

 Want to design your own PD but not sure where to start? I also create curriculum guides which will help you implement change  in your organization.

Interactive Sessions and Conference Sessions

Need a quick starter for a conference or convention? I’ve got that covered too! From digital scavenger hunts to digital breakout  rooms, the creative possibilities are endless.

Want examples of my work?

As all of the content I have created has been branded and proprietary, I cannot legally post it here. Sorry! But please reach out to me at tracyantonioli@gmail.com and I will be happy to share what I can in a legal, un-branded way. Thanks for understanding!

Contact me today and be on your way to great professional development tomorrow.